Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome Kittydirt Vintage to ETSY

Kittydirt Vintage on Etsy

I made a new Etsy shop to sell my fabulous vintage finds from estate sales! Years ago I started going to Los Angeles Estate Sales to find jewelry tools and art supplies. I now also use vintage jewelry pieces I get from estate sales in my jewelry line. I even sell the great vintage clothing I come across on Ebay. But, along the way I started collecting things that caught my eye that I liked here and there, for me. I have acquired so many nick-knacks that I am at my limit and want to sell the treasures I find from now on via my new Etsy site, Kittydirt Vintage.

Why Kittydirt you ask? Well, just because something has a little dirt on it doesn't mean it's not the best hidden treasure ever, just like the day I took big, fluffy, baby Bentli♥Balboa home off the streets ! A true diamond in the rough that just needed a good scrub down and a little tlc.

Kittydirt Vintage is meant to be fun and a venue to share the things I like and enjoy with you. So for my logo it was only natural that it be a big fluffly cat, and not just any big fluffy cat, but Bentli♥Balboa, of course!! Î store all my vintage finds with fresh lavender so I thought Bentli kicking flowers or hearts instead of dirt would get the fresh quality across. ♥

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