Wednesday, January 6, 2010

.+*♥Crazed Degas Ballerinas in Hell on a Plate♥*+.

I love this plate , "Reve de Ballet," by Crown Parian. (Painting by Julian Ritter)
I often find myself hypnotized at estate sales, staring at a pile of collectors plates with images of cats on them while frenzied bargain shoppers nudge and bump past me. Luckily, I have avoided the tendency to acquire any, much to the surprise to myself! I think it's out of my confusion of what to do with collectors plates. Eat off of it? It is clearly marked not to do so. Hang it n the wall? I have less walls than things to hang on them already, besides plates don't belong on the wall. That special rule breaking thrill I reserve for later in life. Thank god for whatever the reason I can't bring myself to buy them. I need another genre to obsessively collect like I need pound of liver tacos carried by rabid spider monkeys.
Anyways, so this plate here is the first and only collectors plate I ever bought free willingly on my own. Why? Since, you now know collectors plates are not my thing (Especially ones without cats on them. Why even bother?) and ballet is most definitely not my thing. The painting on this plate is just that beautiful with is crazed Degas ballerinas. I almost forget it is a plate, especially on you can not eat off of. Yet, also at times I find myself strangely appreciating that this piece of art in particular is on a plate. The ghost-like painted ballerinas in the background invite me inside via this porthole plate and I like it. They make me think of what it would be like to have died and gone to HELL in 1970s.
This plate is my pretty Hell.

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